Senator Lynn Beyak attacks the leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick Archives The canadian Press
Senator ontario Lynn Beyak, accuses the leader of the conservatives elected last may to be fallen into a trap set by the media.

Senator Lynn Beyak attack without mercy, the leadership of the chief conservative Andrew Scheer, accused him of having lied and accused him of having cracked under the pressure of the media — it also attacks the excluding of the party caucus.


In a statement released Monday, she categorically denies the version of events offered by the leadership of the party, who explained last Thursday that they expelled Lynn Beyak after having requested the latter to withdraw from its web site remarks that the chief Scheer has called ” racist “.


These comments are shown in a few of the dozens of “letters of support” in which some of the published authors fall behind the position of the senator on indigenous issues, in particular as regards the system of residential schools.


The senator of ontario ensures that ” never, at any time “, it or any of its employees has spoken to Andrew Scheer or someone in his office.


She accuses the chief conservative elected last may to be fallen into a trap set by the media, who have reported the presence of these messages, and attributed this error to lack of experience and the current climate of political correctness.


The senator concluded his statement by promising to continue to defend the freedom of expression as an independent in the upper house. She asserts that it is his “duty and his role as” the voice of the ” many Canadians “wise man”.


The expulsion of Lynn Beyak had been claimed last year after she had first stated that there were good intentions behind the system of residential schools, and then suggested in an open letter that the Aboriginal people were not canadian citizens.


During its last year under the spotlight of media attention, in 2017, the senator has never corrected its statements, has accused the media of misinformation and has always hammered that it was in the upper room, to stay there. It has benefited from the support of some of his colleagues.


The slowness of the chief Scheer to perform an action has been raised by liberals on the social networks since the announcement of the exclusion of Lynn Beyak, who has been announced by way of press release late last Thursday night.