Senators demand to make public the text of trump’s conversation with Putin in Helsinki

Сенаторы требуют обнародовать текст разговора Трампа с Путиным в Хельсинки

Senate Democrats Robert Menendez and Gianni Shaheen sent a request to the Secretary of state for Mike Pompeo from the requirement to provide records of the meeting, trump and Putin in Helsinki. This is stated in the letter.

Menendez and Shaheen were asked to provide “all classified and unclassified encryption, recording of the interpreter and directives” related to the July summit, when the trump Putin held a personal meeting for more than two hours in the presence of interpreters. If such documents do not exist, the senators asked to confirm it.

“The Russian government took advantage of the lack of communication of the White house to spread their own, possibly false reports about what happened on this personal meeting,” – said in the letter.

The senators also expressed concerns that the Kremlin might try to interfere in the upcoming elections to Congress.

Recall that the presidents of the United States and Russia Donald trump and Vladimir Putin met in Helsinki July 16, and spoke tête-à-tête for more than an hour. Later, Donald trump stated that he expects a new meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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