Sent three letters: MP Kirsch obscenely answered the question of the blogger

Послал на три буквы: Нардеп Кирш нецензурно ответил на вопрос блогера

User of the social network Facebook blogger Kirill Yakovlev has published a video in which a man tries to talk people’s Deputy from “popular front” Alexander Kirsch about any treatment. In response to which the MP begins using foul language during the course of the conversation, even pushes the man several times.

“The Deputy from “popular front” Alexander Kirsch in the form of a foul meets the citizen on the issue of his appeals,” reads the description of the video.

According to the signature, the incident occurred in Kiev. The author of the video several times trying to ask the MP why he is not responding to his written appeal that Kirsch answered him in an obscene form.

The man is outraged and going after the Kirsch and the Deputy himself begins to scream that the man “tomorrow morning you will die”.

Attention! Video contains profanity. You can watch it at the link.

Later, the MP Kirsch on his page in Facebook wrote that the man who took this video haunts him and threatens his assistants.

“Provocateur, who shot and distributing this video for more than a year stalking me and threatening my associates. One of my aides, for example, he even promised to rip out the hair… Like provocateurs and villains I can send only where already sent the video,” wrote Kirsch.

Note that yesterday the people’s deputies Igor Mosiychuk (Radical party) and Sergey Shakhov (“Our land”) came to blows in live one of Ukrainian TV channels.

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