Sentsov wrote a letter to Russian human rights activists and asked them not to do a wrong move

Сенцов написал письмо российским правозащитникам и попросил не делать неверных движений

Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, held in a prison in Russia, wrote a letter to the Russian human rights activists Nikolai and Tatiana Schury. Letter, dated August 29, Grosbeaks received September 4, reports Tatyana Shchur on his page in Facebook.

“Dear friends! Received a letter from Oleg from August 29. Very quick response, because our Nikolay Shchur letter he received also the 29th. Works FSIN-letter. And Oleg says that recently, his “how to burst”. Letters quickly reach several a day. About health, he says nothing, but, as always, writes that we should not worry about him. In General, all as always. But here’s the thing. He thanked everyone who helps him, especially everyone who does something for those for whose liberation, he is actually fighting,” she said.

In the letter Sentsov also asked not to make “wrong move” without consulting him and cited several cases where he had removed sent in the parcels and letters, since those were delivered with violations of the prison regime.

Сенцов написал письмо российским правозащитникам и попросил не делать неверных движений

We will remind, sentenced by a Russian court to 20 years of imprisonment for allegedly planning terrorist attacks in annexed Crimea, the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov hungry for more than hundred days. Its main requirement for the Russian authorities to release 64 Ukrainian political prisoners being held in Russian prisons. According to the doctors, the fourth crisis, which is characterized by organ failure, can occur at any moment.

The critical state of health of Ukrainians said at the UN, expressing concern. Today, September 5, mother Sentsov was denied again in his pardon.

In Parliament the day before offered to nominate. to receive a Nobel peace prize.

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