Serbian Patriarch Bartholomew asked not to provide Tomos Ukraine

The Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Irenaeus advises the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew not to interfere in Ukrainian Church matters and not to grant the Tomos of autocephaly. Irenaeus argued that only the Russian Church is canonical and historical right of the Church organization in Ukraine. About it reports “Mill” referring to the Balkan Explorer.

The Serbian Patriarch said that he decided to write a letter of “concern SPTS of the unity of the Orthodox Church.” Irenaeus declares that “the heresy of ethnophyletism” is one of the greatest evils of modern Orthodoxy.

According to him, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, intervening in the Affairs of the Church in Ukraine “against the will of the Russian Orthodox Church,” is moving to the introduction of new parameters and “malign activities” in Orthodoxy – and the same plans there are for “Macedonian Orthodox Church”.

The granting of autocephaly churches in Ukraine Patriarch of Serbia describes as “very risky, even catastrophic” act for the unity of Holy Orthodoxy and of the UOC-KP calls the dissenters. This decision, according to the author of the letter, would mean more and the non-brotherly attitude towards the Russian Church.

Сербский патриарх попросил Варфоломея не предоставлять Томос Украине

Сербский патриарх попросил Варфоломея не предоставлять Томос Украине

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