Seriously ill Karachentsov was published for the first time in a long time. Video

Тяжелобольной Караченцов вышел в свет впервые за долгое время. Видео

73-year-old actor participated in a talk show “Let them talk”

Famous Soviet and Russian actor Nikolay Karachentsov for the first time appeared in public.

73-year-old actor participated in a talk show “Let them talk”, returning from abroad, where the treatment of cancer, reports

With him on the show arrived with his wife, Lyudmila Porgina and assistant for the family that takes care of the actor.

It is noted that because Karachentsov difficult to speak and move, the guests questioned whether it was to take him to the shooting. The program also showed how the actor help to get back in shape – Karachentsov forced to every day with the help of other people to do special exercises.

“How are you feeling? Just say it out loud!” – asked the wife of the actor.

“Okay!” – he said with a smile, but it was clear that it was not just the artist.

On the set Karachentsov was in a suit with a tie, his wife gently holding his hand. The couple chose to transfer outfits in one color – Polinoj dress was purple, Karachentsov chose a shirt and socks to match.

“I love you more than life! The disease can get through this together and live a long, long time,” says Polina her husband in real life.

Video of this family the scene that showed in the Studio, brought tears from the audience.