Several weeks waiting for the new system of immigration reform

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Despite the cancellation of the 18 000 files already in the queue, applicants that submit their declaration of interest in the new system Arrima will have to wait several weeks, or even months, before receiving the call of Quebec.

Since last Thursday, the minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette, invites those who wish to immigrate to Quebec to use the new system put in place last August by the government Couillard. However, no candidate is being manifested through the platform Arrima – which aims to connect immigrants to business needs – has not yet been invited to submit an immigration application. The first call will wait after the adoption of the draft law 9.

“Currently, the folders that were processed, it was the 18 000 records of inventory. Therefore, from the time when the draft law will be endorsed, I’ll be able to handle those cases Arrima. But one thing is for sure, it is that I invite people to make their declarations of interest in Arrima, to be able to invite them, ” the minister said Jolin-Barrette on Wednesday at the exit of the Council of ministers.

The minister has refused to explain why Quebec will have to wait for the adoption of the draft law prior to contacting the first candidate. “I have the latitude to process records from the time when I want it “, has he yet specified.

No folder in treatment

A few minutes earlier, the critical liberal immigration has again urged Quebec to process the 18 000 files in queue which will be cancelled by the bill. “Even today, there is no one at the ministry at NOON, which is in the process of a case, she pointed out. Why not do that ? “

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“The only explanation that is logical is that they want desperately to reach their figure of 40 000. They know very well that if they go through the 18 000 records, they could end up above the 40 000 “, she added.

Since Tuesday, the questions of the parliamentary Bureau at the Immigration department on the processing of applications filed on Arrima remained unanswered.

“This is because the department has not yet determined what he is looking for immigrants in this platform, explains a lawyer in the immigration law, Me Maxime Lapointe. They have not yet determined the score that they give to the different criteria. “

 Priority to francophone

For its part, the Parti quebecois has asked the government Legault on Wednesday to retain, among the 18 000 records cancelled, those who relate to French-speaking already in employment in Québec.

“You live in Québec, you speak French, you’re already in employment : it, what are the priority issues, said the parliamentary chief of the PQ, Pascal Bérubé. It is able to do, you just need to put more resources and one is able to get there.”

So far, the training optimist club was held in the gap debate since the filing of the bill.

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