Sexual misconduct: Michael Douglas denies the allegations, not yet published

Photo: Robyn Beck Archives Agence France-Presse
Actor Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas has publicly denied an allegation of sexual misconduct at his place, dating back three decades ago… even before it has been unveiled.


The oscar-winning actor told the website Deadline that the story was coming would contain an allegation made by a former employee, alleging that he acted in an unacceptable way in front of her, there are about 32 years old.


Michael Douglas has decided to “take the lead” and talk to Deadline, calling the story to come to a ” complete lie, a fabrication “. He adds that his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, has been “very supportive” to him.


The actor said that he remembered the employee who is apparently the accusation, describing it as a person “sophisticated” and ” intelligent “, with ” a good sense of humour.” He added that he had had no contact with her for over 30 years.