SFR is now called SFR Altice on smartphone

Slowly but surely, Patrick Drahi, the billionaire at the head of the luxembourg holding company Altice, is preparing the change of name of SFR by Altice. A change that reflects its ambition to be a global brand bringing together the vast majority of its assets. However, SFR belongs to Altice for 2014, at the time of its acquisition by Numericable, already owned by Altice.

The change of name for a global brand had been announced by Patrick Drahi may 2017. It would seem, however, that this message has a hard time passing with the principal involved, the customers.

SFR displays “SFR altice” as the name of the network and the subscribers are concerned

The change has not been announced by SFR or Altice, which may have been an error, but was nonetheless carried out on Thursday 12 October 2017. The name of the network SFR that appears on smartphones to subscribers of the operator, is simply gone from ” SFR ” to ” SFR altice “. A change is certainly subtle, but which is, nevertheless, not go unnoticed.

Most importantly, it does not seem to have been understood by the clients. Some have asked what could mean ” altice “, as shown by the tweets with screenshots sent to the attention of the customer SERVICE of the operator at the Red Square. It would seem that these customers may not have understood what is Altice, whether they are customers of Altice in being customers of SFR, or whether the trademark LICO is meant to disappear in favor of Altice.

sfr altice??? bitch the fuq???

—ḷ (@snbkhl) October 12, 2017

Since this morning I am in SFR Altice qlq'one knows what that means ?

— shady (@Laurine_Azn) October 12, 2017

this is what “altice” to side of SFR

— p (@pavllne_est) October 12, 2017

A change that foreshadowed the end of the name LICO

The customer SERVICE of SFR, questioned on Twitter, has reassured customers disconcerted by this new name : LICO is part of Altice, and the name change began. In the long term, according to the plan of Patrick Drahi, the trademark SFR is going to completely disappear in favor of Alice, in the same way that Numericable has disappeared in favour of SFR.

Hello, c'is normal because SFR is part of the group ALTICE.

— – Assistance SFR (@SFR_SAV) October 12, 2017

The change will take place in 2018 and by then, it would appear that SFR and Altice have more work to prepare the subscribers of SFR. Starting with a generalization of a new network name “SFR altice” on all smartphones, since it would appear that it would be the iPhones that are affected.

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