Shakira was impressed by the young appearance of the face and body

Colombian singer Shakira proved once again that 41 years is not an indicator. Looking at photos and video to her Instagram, this is very easy to see. Recently the star shared a picture of her without makeup and looks amazing young. And later, as if in proof, he posted a video which demonstrates professional stretching. This is a must see.

Шакира поразила молодым видом лица и тела

Early in his career Shakira loved to appear in spectacular images, short tops, leather outfits, bright makeup and chunky jewelry. And now, after the advent of children, in its Arsenal has become more feminine and elegant outfits, bright makeup replaced Ludowy. Moreover, the singer did not hesitate to show how it looks without makeup. But the spectacle is still awesome. Look. Well, except to say that she is 41?

Шакира поразила молодым видом лица и тела

Smooth elastic skin, no hint of wrinkles. We spotted an interview in which Shakira shares her beauty secrets. Voila!

  • The skin looked healthy and glowing, I use a serum with vitamin C, it helps when the skin is dehydrated. If the skin is very dry, I apply a thin layer of vitamin E — buy regular capsules at the pharmacy, crush them and apply on the face. In addition, it is very important to wash off the makeup every evening, it is advisable to use a special brush (or MITT) to remove all contamination.
  • It is very important to protect the skin from aggressive solar rays. Instead of the normal sunscreen I use baby: his defense is better and stronger than any “adult”.
  • During the flight I drink tons of plain water, and avoid salty foods, which retains fluid in the body.
  • Try to exercise regularly, but I like to change classes. I’m doing a little Boxing, a little dance, sometimes play tennis or just go to the gym and do at the gym. I train 5 or 6 days a week, and always wear a heart rate monitor to determine the optimal load.

Шакира поразила молодым видом лица и тела

And the last point about sports particularly interesting. Years of training and the result is amazing. Shakira no wonder the many hours spent in the gym, where she not only rehearsing their dances, but also fulfills plasticity and flexibility, which then demonstrates in videos and during performances. Recently the singer shared in his Instagram video, in which it is in all its glory plastics shows the wonders of her body.

Fans delighted. In less than a day, the video was watched by nearly 3 million people. What are your impressions?