Shannen Doherty losing his hair : Photo poignantly at the time of the cancer

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Exclusive – Shannen Doherty and her mother Rosa went shopping in Malibu, July 26, 2016.

Back on the moments very difficult to raise awareness on the disease.

For several months, Shannen Doherty has delivered a real fight against the disease. Reached of a cancer of the breast, the former star of the series Charmed is now cured, in remission, thanks to treatment certainly heavy but that has paid off.

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If the american actress, 46-year-old has regained his joy of living, she does not forget the moments painful by which it is passed. Not only physical, including extreme fatigue, but also moral. Like this day when she started losing her hair in large quantities because of the chemotherapy.

On the occasion of the awareness campaign on breast cancer that runs throughout the month of October, the equivalent of ‘pink October’ in France, Shannen Doherty talks about her experience on Instagram, posting a photo particularly poignant. In tears, the actress is holding in his hands two huge handfuls of hair. “This image to me is very personal. I had just started my chemo. I had used a hat in the cold in the hope of not losing my hair. End result, handfuls of hair in my hand,” said she. The ordeal endured for several months the has also destroyed internally, causing a great loss of confidence in it : “I was sick, I felt like I was losing the head. I have lost and gained from the people around me. I became weak, and strong. I felt I was ugly but beautiful on the inside as ever. I remember all this as if it was yesterday, as if it was a minute ago.”

If the news of the remission was a relief immense, Shannen Doherty knows that the cancer will forever be part of his life : “cancer has different stages : the shock, the denial, the acceptance, the anger, the resentment, the rebellion, the fear, the appreciation of beauty. The Remission. But even now, these phases come back continuously. Cancer is with you always… We need support and love. And you can still catch up with life and live, live, live.”

An honest witness, who does not hide the harsh reality of the event but also carries a nice message of hope.

Breast Cancer Awareness month. This image is so personal to me. I had started chemo. Was using a cold cap in hope to not lose my hair. End result was clumps in my hands. I was sick, felt like I was losing myself. Gained people and lost people. Got weak and got strong. Felt ugly and yet more beautiful inside than I had ever felt before. I remember this like it was yesterday, like it was a minute ago. Cancer has so many stages. Shock, denial, acceptance, anger, resentment, rebellion, fear, appreciation, beauty. Remission. Even then, the phases keep coming. Cancer is with you forever. Those who have experienced it know that even after you’ve kicked it’s ass, it still impacts you, in good ways and bad. You still go thru the roller coaster of emotions. You still need support and love. And you can still grasp life and live, live live. #cancer #cancerslayer

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