After shelling the Donetsk region, starting a fire is one of the largest Ukrainian mines

 mine Komsomolets Donbas
mine Komsomolets Donbas

At the mine Komsomolets Donbas Donetsk in the Kirov region after shelling fire. As the press-service energy company DTEK fire started at about 18:00 on Sunday, August 17.
“The mine fire – burning outbuildings. Underway extinction. As a result of shelling mine fully powered. Enacted Plan of emergency workers,” – said in a statement.
As noted, at the time of fire in the mine were 7 people who provide ventilation and pumping water. All of them managed to bring to the surface.
Press-service of the company said that because of the fighting, which are conducted in the region, coal mining is not conducted from August 1.
“Mine is explosive. Without ventilation may increase the concentration of methane explosion”, – the report says.
Mine Komsomolets Donbas is one of the largest in Ukraine. Annual coal production here is 4 million tons of coal a year – about 8% of the coal in Ukraine. The mine employs 4,800 people.

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