Sherbrooke, Kingdom of the Elders

Lately, like Martin Luther King, I had a dream that the City of Sherbrooke was in every respect the city where the well-being of the elderly was a priority. This is one of the illustrations of the avant-garde policy implemented by the municipality for the elderly. According to a recent poll, retirees consider themselves the happiest on the planet. Renowned for its culture, urban art and neighborhood life, Sherbrooke has been the champion of the Northern Hemisphere (United States and Canada) for quality of life in recent years. According to the citizens, they benefit from the very high level of safety, health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure services that the population can enjoy.

Our city speaks for itself across North America. We are visited by news media across Canada. We recently had a visit from the American channel CNN, who came to do a one-hour report on the quality of life that the elderly people of Sherbrooke have. On occasion, even European media come to do the same.

In addition, over the past few years, we have received between 1,000 and 2,000 seniors who come to settle to enjoy this quality of life. In Sherbrooke, seniors are loved, respected and appreciated. It is complete happiness.

Here are the points that have enabled our city to achieve this high standard of living: […] the presence of a single seniors’ council in North America made up of people aged 60 and over […] , A seniors’ home …, impeccable sidewalks and trails in the parks … a free transportation service for those aged 60 and over, a strong emphasis on events that affect seniors, Support for the construction of intergenerational houses […], good health services and regular intergenerational meetings with young people with common issues.

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Unfortunately, when I woke up, it all disappeared. But deep down I am convinced that all this can be accomplished in the coming years on the condition that all the elders unite together to work towards the realization of this project to improve our condition of life.

Let us work to add life to our years and not years to our lives.