Shooting on the border In Sumy region on the territory of Ukraine illegally broke car from Russia

Стрельба на границе: В Сумской обл. на территорию Украины незаконно прорвался автомобиль из РФ

In the Sumy region across the border broke the car “UAZ” from the territory of the Russian Federation. About it reports a press-service gpsu.

According to the report the incident occurred yesterday in Krasnopolye district.

“Border patrol, who were on duty near the border in the area of the settlement hrabovs’ke noticed the car “UAZ”, which began to move from the boundary to the rear of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

The guards of the border signaled the driver to stop, but he did not fulfill the requirements and tried to implement zoom in on one of them.

The border guards carried out the first few warning shots up, and then began to shoot at the wheels of the car.

Despite the fact that as a result of shooting one of the wheels was broken, the driver of “UAZ” at high speed tried to escape. Subsequently, realizing that it is in the car he fails, the man threw him in the bushes on the outskirts of the settlement Excavation, and he ran away.

After examining the vehicle, border guards found it about fifty bales of consumer goods – fur coats, fur jackets, vests, coats, leather jackets, down jackets, and jerseys in stock.

In addition, the car contained a box of costume jewellery and wristwatches.

Previously it is established that the detainee, the cargo was illegally transferred from Russia to Ukraine.

Currently the vehicle together with the load transferred to the police. The driver search.

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