Because of the shortage of gas and coal to Ukrainian expects heavy winter

the shortage of gas
the shortage of gas

Ukraine will survive the current winter without Russian gas only if the austerity of electricity and gas. From this, suffer not only manufacturers, but also Ukrainian simple, warn experts. 
September 2 officially opened the most powerful route to obtain gas from the EU through the territory of Slovakia. In this way, in Ukraine will be supplied 10 billion cubic meters of gas per year. “With reverse from Slovakia and opportunities for Ukraine to buy gas in Europe, we displaced 40 percent of the gas that was previously bought in Russian” Gazprom “- said in his speech at the ceremony Prime Ukraine Yatsenyuk.
Maximum power Slovak route up to 30 billion cubic meters per year. This would fully meet the needs of gas imports to Ukraine. But now this is not possible due to a number of political reasons and opposition to Moscow. Official Bratislava admits that “Gazprom” and the Kremlin put pressure on Slovakia using already concluded agreements on transit of Russian gas to avoid any gas independence of Ukraine from Russia.
The former commissioner of the President of Ukraine on international issues of energy security Bohdan Sokolovsky praised adjustment of supply of gas through pipelines Slovak. He was confident that, together with accumulated in underground storage facilities over 15, 5 billion cubic meters of fuel, and 20 billion cubic meters of annual domestic gas Ukraine will survive the current critical winter. “Not be able to survive like we have to. According to the current volume of imports is real. Though it will be difficult and will not be without reduction in gas consumption population and economy” – DW said Sokolowski.
September 2 Department of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine has confirmed rumors resumed practice cut-off electricity during peak load power in the morning and evening. “Electric power is switched off during peak hours in the morning from 9:00 to 11:00 and from 20:00 to 22:00,” – said the ministerial press service. The report also states that no light will remain only households. But it is possible that “can then be issued a separate order for industrial facilities.”
Environmental Investment Fund Director Alex Khabatyuk at a press conference in Kiev explained the lack of coal in warehouses Ukrainian thermal power plants (TPP). He said the current TPP accumulated 2.1 million tons of coal, which is one-third less than the same period in previous years. In addition, currently there is a disturbing tendency not to further accumulation of fuel in the winter, and to reduce these stocks, he added.
Chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volinets attribute this decrease in critical thermal coal mines in the Donbas during the war in areas where the coal deposits. “It stopped working and flooded 11 mines. Armed men approaching cars with technology that loads the coal and it goes caravans Russia, with machines and equipment” – said DW Volinets. According to him, Ukrainian thermal power plant coal reserves may be enough until the middle of November.
Trade union leader urged not to rely on coal imports. According to him, it just seems foreign coal cheaper than Ukrainian, but it is considerably more expensive due to transportation costs. In addition, its brands may not be suitable for combustion in Ukrainian TPPs. “We have a quarter to a third of the territory of the state contain deposits of coal drilling. Against this thermal coal used to work in East Germany. Extraction our vast deposits of coal actually destroyed, and no one is trying to recover in this difficult time,” – said Volinets.
He does not understand why the Ministry of Energy revives power is the extraction of peat, which can largely replace coal locally. “It seems that the powers that even in such a difficult situation only care about creating companies pads because they are cheaper to import coal from abroad, cheat on that money and put them into his pocket. Nobody cares about its own people, for lack of statehood approach “- sorry union leaders.

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