Shown a teaser for the most extreme model of the McLaren

British engineering companies have unveiled a teaser of the most extreme models of the brand McLaren. We are talking about hypercare McLaren P15, which can move on the ordinary roads. The official premiere of the car is scheduled for December 10 this year, and vehicle sales will start next summer.



The teaser does not give a complete picture of how it will look hypercar McLaren P15. However, presented by the British visualization, you can see that the rear of the car looks very menacing and sporty.

Hypercar McLaren P15 will double and will receive the most advanced aerodynamic solutions. According to the developers, it will be the fastest in the history of McLaren, if not to take into account the track McLaren P1 GTR.

Insiders claim that the engine compartment hypercar McLaren P15 is chetyrehlitrovy “eight” with dual turbo. Her performance will reach approximately 800 horsepower. For Assembly, according to rumors, is being developed semileptonic automated transmission with double clutch.

Hypercar McLaren P15 is built on a carbon fiber Monocage monocoque II. He has established himself, becoming the basis for the model McLaren 720S. Body panel made of composite materials. It is expected that the model McLaren P15 will release a limited edition of 500.