Sid the great

Sidney Crosby

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Still the Cup to Pittsburgh! This is the first time since the Detroit Red Wings that a team manages to repeat the feat two years in a row. It is a feat fabulous and exceptional, especially as the Penguins have suffered all season, especially in the end of the campaign, many of the injuries to key players.

It is without their defender feature, Kris Letang, a defender capable of playing 30 minutes per game, and have to deal with injuries to other defenders like Olli Maatta, the Penguins have been successful.

But it is still exceptional contributions Crosby has made all the difference. He put his hand on a second Conn Smythe trophy in a row. It is the inspiration of his team, but also of a nation and the League.

In 2017, Crosby will lead Canada to a victory at the world Cup, making Bergeron and Marchand, the companions of trio, markers of quality. It ended Sunday night at this incredible epic in about his third Cup. It is the worthy heir to Wayne Gretzky and his owner, Mario Lemieux.

The Penguins win and a fifth Cut since 1991. Wow! The Canadian has 24, but his last dates back to 1993, an era already fairly remote, especially when you look at the photos related to this last conquest. The clothing worn by those on the photo betray the time, since it is already a time.

The Pens have been able to surround Crosby once again, first with Evgeni Malkin, but also with good employees, models and loyal to the team of Sidney.

The incredible strength of character of Crosby again proved during the final. Annoyed by the comments of P. K. Subban, who took a place inordinate media speaking, Crosby has nailed the beak of the number 76. A lesson that will be required to withhold P. K. if he wants to be a day of the winning side. It is on the ice, and the performance of the high level players are talking about.

Moments touching when it was handed the Cup in the arm of Marc-Andre Fleury, on Sunday. The young man knows that he is likely to be his last career. He will not play again in Pittsburgh. He still has done an incredible demonstration of that is the gift of self, leaving his place when we asked him to do so, even when it was not deserved, and to be silent in order not to be a distraction for his teammates.

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Except this time, he can enjoy this Cup, because it has contributed to nine wins, avoiding elimination for the Penguins against the powerful Washington Capitals. In the conquest of the spring 2017, it will be necessary to remember this victory in the seventh game. Like the Bruins in 2011 had managed to eliminate the Canadian in a seventh game, the Pens have crushed the threat that represented the Caps and they have done it with the panache which has made proof Fleury.

His teammate Kris Letang, who unfortunately due to his injury, has spent more time with Lemieux in his dressing room as on the ice, he has delivered a vibrant homage in front of the cameras, TVA Sports after the game. This is another lesson that we gave Marc-André, humbly accept a situation in which one has no control. A lesson that all players should take advantage of.

One remembers the winners, and we often forget the finalists, except that the Preds, we will not forget anytime soon. A team endearing and a host of charismatic, who has shown that they can follow a hockey team in Tennessee, the land of football.

Nashville will now be part of the good addresses of the NHL. That, too, is a tour-de-force. A team that fishes out well and that the quality of the development should be imitated.

A black eye

Even if the last final has been a high-level, apart from a few outbursts, emotional during the game five, the quality of hockey presented once again has helped considerably to promote the product of the NHL. But be careful, in this great victory of the Penguins, the League has made to pass an eight count. If it is not taken into account, this could catch up with him sooner or later.

The black eye comes from the fact that the officials have not performed at the level of the quality of the athletes, who defended the colours of the 16 teams involved in the playoffs. Most of the series have been exciting, tight and fiercely contested. Except that some have left an up to the hype, both at the level of the beating on the ice rink that in an enlargement the obvious interpretation of the rules.

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Having already blamed the referees more than once, I’m going to leave them alone and me fold this time on their bosses, the real bosses of the League’s general managers.

Together, they must also be humble and think in terms of the quality of the product offered. Not that the League suffers in the near future to the loss of a player of talent like Crosby or regardless of which, we should return to a more strict application of the rule book. The book is good, but it needs a few changes.

Please, gentlemen of the NHL, make sure that your referees do not just manage a game depending on the score and the stakes. They apply to adhere to the book. In the end, the officers, owners and players win and the fans will also be able to find. As those who have discovered the passion generated by this very beautiful sports that may be hockey, the other on the other side of the border who have made this sport their passion for a long time and who know all the subtleties.

Everyone around the table will be a winner if it enables the arbitrators to make an application systematic and rigorous book, which was written in large part by the general managers.

Last chance

The next few days will be hectic. Fans, get your smart phones, it will move.

Already, for example, players like James Neal of Predators, should be sacrificed in a deal to avoid losing at the hands of Las Vegas, we may as well protect the “Fab 4” on the blue line of the Preds.

Some teams will have some hard decisions to make by Friday. The Canadian is also part of the. Alex Galchenyuk still has not signed agreement. Marc Bergevin has until the end of this week to find a way out of this folder, otherwise it should have a trade to another team.

For the DG of the CH and its team of recruiters, headed by Trevor Timmins, it is a pivotal time. They have to deal with a salary cap that will not go up, an expansion draft restrictive rules and high expectations, which adds to the pressure on their heads. If the wrong decision is made, it may well be expensive for a number of years.

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We’ve all seen what the Predators without Ryan Johansen, then imagine the CH without Galchenyuk, or without a player with a talent comparable, at a minimum… to be able to replace it.

We are where we are, the HP is at a crossroads. All the pressure is now on the shoulders of its director general and his minions to remake the Canadian team exceptional still!


What Sunday would we have known in this June 11, 2017.

Lance Stroll crowned winner in his first Grand Prix of Canada. The 260 000 people at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve invade the track to run behind the car of the young prodigy quebec when she crosses the finish line. Imagine the passion that ignites the city at this time.

Just the bottle of champagne open, because in 18 years, Stroll has the right in Quebec, the Canadian is celebrating its 25th Stanley Cup after a few hours on the ice at the Bell Centre.

The building of the Turcot and Champlain is not completed, people flock from everywhere. In front of the traffic, they want to celebrate these two big wins and converge on the city. But access is blocked! Then they abandon their car on Decarie and run to the city centre!

The city is paralyzed by joy. The ministry of Transport, informed too late, do not respond in time and the fans Stroll and those of Canada have been forced to stay in the city centre, taken in the streets of Montreal for more than 24 hours.

The party was not finished in the small hours of Monday morning. What a revelation!

Oops, my neighbor is doing renovation work. A bit of noise, I just woke up with a start! The Cup has been won at Nashville, and Lewis Hamilton has won the Grand Prize.

You have to admit that it was a narrow escape!