Simons Opens First Store in Calgary

Simons clothing retailer opens first branch in Calgary. The 95,000-square-foot store is located downtown in the Core Shopping Center.

It is the fourteenth point of sale for the Quebec banner and the second to open its doors in Alberta. “The key to our Calgary store was to bring Simons into the heart of the city so we could blend our contemporary style with the legacy of a historic building,” said Peter Simons, CEO of the company. “The result is a five-storey, multi-faceted store to create an exciting shopping experience where customers can explore our brands,” he says.

A cafe of about forty places, baptized Eve, is installed in the trade. Over the next few months, a second store will open in Edmonton.

For the Quebec City region, the retailer, whose head office is located in Old Quebec, is expected to take possession of its new premises – the Target alumni – in the spring. This new “new generation” store should welcome its first customers in spring 2018.

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