Since January 2015 the Ukrainians will be fingerprinted on Schengen

visaThe European Commission and EU member states are prepared to extend the territory of Ukraine action new visa database.
Its introduction will require Ukrainian to be fingerprinted when applying for a Schengen visa.

The new rules should enter into force on 29 January, told EvroPravdu in the office of the EU Commissioner Malmström Sylvia, the responsibility which includes visa policy.

“The introduction of the Visa Information System in the Eastern Partnership countries, including Ukraine, scheduled for January 29, 2015, but this date is yet to be officially confirmed by the European Commission,” – said in comments EvroPravdi Tovey Ernst, spokesman Commissioner Malmström.

VIS does not mean the introduction of a simultaneous change in visa policy. This database is not modifiue criteria used consuls, when deciding on a visa or refusal to issue. However, since the beginning of its work, “everyone who applies for a visa in Ukraine – no matter whether they have a Ukrainian passport or not – will have to be fingerprinted and that biometric data to enter smiling VIS”, – said Ernst Tovey.

EU rules on delivery of fingerprints are a few exceptions, schokrema for children up to 12 years, said the representative of the EC.

According to EU rules, fingerprints visa system are valid for 5 years – during this period citizens who will re-apply for a visa should not donate vidbtky again.

Another representative of the European Commission, who requested anonymity, said that the EU now EvroPravdi not made a decision on how to be procured complexes fingerprinting centers for intermediaries that handle the majority of visa applications in Ukraine. “The one mediator, who wants to stay in business, must find a way to get the unit for fingerprinting. But it is possible that for some of visa centers – it will buy member countries,” – he Poyang.

As we know, from 1 January 2015, Ukraine plans to start issuing biometric passports, which also contain lists you scanned fingerprints. However, the exchange of these data is not provided for the European fingerprint database will have to pass separately.

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