Since the end of March from Ukraine has left more than 400 thousand workers.

Since the end of March 2018, from Ukraine to work abroad have already left more than 400 thousand migrant workers.

Such statistics released the resource that specializiruetsya online counting traveled outside of the country’s citizens, writes “Obozrevatel”.

The name of this platform is somewhat reminiscent of the name of WikiLeaks — an international nonprofit organization that publishes secret information from anonymous sources.

According to the counter Ukrainianpeopleleaks, every minute of Ukraine leaving the two zarobitchany.

Note that in the algorithm of calculations was laid by the figures, voiced by head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Pavel Klimkin. According to him, every month, from Ukraine to work leaving 100 thousand people.

As for the Ministry, and there held a more large-scale calculations and said that labor migration has already managed to touch 9 million Ukrainians.

Recall Ukrainianpeopleleaks also warned that the main consequence of migration is the decline in the population of Ukraine. In fact, according to the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva, now because of work abroad Ukraine finally left 3.2 million people.

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