Singer Dan Balan – biography, photo, and personal life

Dan Balan (Dan Balan) is a Moldovan popular singer, a successful musician and poet. Did you know that the talented Dan graduated from the school of accordion, and his parents were preparing for the future singer the fate of the lawyer? And that’s not all! Read the full biography of the famous artist, see photos and learn details.

Певец Dan Balan - биография, фото и личная жизнь

Name: Dan Balan (Dan Balan)

Date of birth: 6 February 1979 (age 39)

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Place of birth: Chisinau, Moldova

Height: 190

Profession: singer, producer, composer,

Marital status: not married

From Dan Balan was a long way from an unknown Moldavian singer to celebrities on a global scale. Talented performer has worked with many famous stars: Rihanna, Jesse Dylan, Missy Elliott and others. However, it could not be realized as an artist, since his parents sent him at a young age in the law.

However, Dan was persistent and still went by his heart – became a musician!

Певец Dan Balan - биография, фото и личная жизнь

Handsome with Moldovan roots Dan Balan long gone beyond the framework of their own homeland and began to move towards its goal by leaps and bounds. Sensational hit sexy brunette sounded in all corners of the world. And musical creation “Love”, “Only till the morning”, “Chica Bomb” has won numerous world awards. What is known about Dan Balan? What was his childhood and path to success? Tell!


The future artist was born 6 February 1979 in Chisinau. Parents were Given the famous and successful people: the father was engaged in political activities, and my mother was a popular TV presenter.

Певец Dan Balan - биография, фото и личная жизнь

Little Dan is familiar with the world of show business since childhood, and eventually he became interested in music.

In 4 years the boy spoke to the audience on an entertainment TV show. And in 11 years he was presented with a musical instrument, an accordion and was sent to study in a music school to develop your talent. Later, Dan performed the waltzes of his own composition on this instrument. As a teenager he played in the band “Pantheon” and “Inferialis” and they played music in the style of Gothic doom metal. But after a time, these groups ceased to exist. This period music was on the Amateur level, but professional Dan Balan started in 20 years.

“Of course, my parents saw that I am interested in music (I started writing it in 10 years), but never imagined that it would become my profession. The more that I informed them of his selection in 1997, when a single pop star in Moldova was not yet a musician you can be, or playing in a Symphony orchestra for $ 10 a week, or at weddings.

Both options meant in the end begging and starvation. And then I tell them to leave for a prestigious music University, which just came in. Of course, they had a shock!”

The starting point in star’s life

Dan Balan I realized that the real popularity he gains only due to the commercial music. And 1999 was crucial. Together with the ex-participant of “Inferialis” Peter Zhelikhovsky creates a new group called “O-Zone”.

Певец Dan Balan - биография, фото и личная жизнь

The band created pop music and rap. After a couple of months the band recorded their first album. In some interview, the singer admitted that he had to go to the trick to get their way:

“I knew that the big record companies get tons of demo tapes every day and the chances that out of this heap will choose and listen to my disc, is negligible. And I went to the trick: he asked his mom, an incredibly striking woman, to give the disc into the hands of the Manager. Do not doubt that he will be interested, what kind of music he writes so pretty. And so it happened. Cheating, of course, quickly revealed, but the material was so good that it no longer had any value: we started working with this company”.

The song is called “Dragostea din Tei”, which is also known as “Numa Numa song”, topped the charts in dozens of countries, and in the UK even reached third place and was sold out with a circulation of 12 million copies. Album of the band “DiscO-Zone” became the best seller!

But despite the immodest success, in 2005 the group decided to terminate the joint work. The band broke up, each member embarked on a solo career.

Solo sailing Dan Balan

Exactly one year after the existence of the acclaimed group “O-Zone” Dan Balan went to conquer America. He took the alias Crazy Loop recorded the album called “The Power of Shower”. Unlike Dan Balan in a new way was singing songs in a falsetto voice and catchy songs.

The album “The Power of Shower” was quite positively accepted in Europe, and the artist was awarded the prize “MTV Europe Music Awards” in the category “Best Romanian Act”.

Now Dan Balan has received worldwide recognition, and this has opened the door for joint cooperation with many foreign celebrities. So, a little later, he wrote the song “Live your life” singer Rihanna, which earned him a nomination for a Grammy award in 2009.

In 2010, everything changed. The musician decided to re-release the album “Crazy Loop mix” and got rid of the nickname in favor of the present name. Then he presented the audience the song “Chica Bomb”, the video for which was directed by Haim Williams, who worked with Jay-Z, Missy Elliot and many others.

One by one was the premiere of the songs and all became hits. In 2010, Dan released the track “Justify Sex”, and also recorded with popular singer Vera Brezhneva in the duet track, “rose Petals”, which immediately appeared on the top of the Russian charts.

In 2011, on the radio and spun the song “Freedom”, which has long been a leader in many of the charts, and “Only till the morning”. Singer and is currently working on the creation of new songs, living in new York and often visits Russia and Ukraine.

A year later, in may, he releases the video for the song “without love” and “Love”.

Then he continues to tour and write music.

In March, the singer Dan Balan together with the Romanian artist Matteo unveiled the new video for the track “Allegro Ventigo”.

Hot dancing by a campfire at night, beautiful girls, and the artist sings in Spanish and plays the guitar.

7 Feb 2018 kicked off a three-month nationwide tour, the popular artist Dan Balan. Now, the artist travels to many cities of Ukraine with a concert.

Interesting facts from the life of Dan Balan

“Eat or die!”

1. Something without which can not do Dan Balan:

“Well, you all know the pyramid of Maslow. About human needs. We are all, first and foremost, you need physical. Is food and sleep. Always. And we don’t mean to be romantic, but still the way it is. M all the time waiting to get rich and buy yourself all dreamed about”. Therefore, the artist lives under the motto “Eat or die!”.

2. First kiss from Dan Balan was at the age of 13, and at 15 had sex for the first time.

3. When an artist has a rest or takes a bath, he thinks about girls and about music.

Певец Dan Balan - биография, фото и личная жизнь

4. If he hadn’t chosen life work, would choose the sport.

5. Dan Balan fan of the band “Metallica”.

4. In 2015, the media reported that Dana don’t own a car.

Love Affairs Dan Balan

Unfortunately, the Moldovan artist reluctant to share details of his personal life – he has her under lock and key. Quite often, he still was previously thought to have an affair with Vera Brezhneva, but later pepper explained that between them there can be nothing because she is married and is both a taboo.

Певец Dan Balan - биография, фото и личная жизнь

“I’m a free bird, an artist, and yet everything remains so”

— said the artist in a long interview.

However, in 2015, he said in one program that the relationship he has, however, nothing more to tell.

In 2016, the “high life with Katya Osadchaya” he confessed, what kind of girls he likes:

“The main thing is magic. No matter brunette or blonde. The main thing that was the same magic between us.”