Singer Valery Meladze decided to get Georgian citizenship

Певец Валерий Меладзе решил получить грузинское гражданство

Russian singer of Georgian origin Valery Meladze appealed to the Georgian authorities asking to grant him citizenship. He stated this during a concert on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Vakhtang Kikabidze in Batumi, writes the Georgian News Agency.

In the comments RBC Meladze said that he is not going to abandon a Russian passport. “I was born and raised in Georgia at a time when Russia and Georgia there were no boundaries. Mental and historically our peoples have been and remain to this day close as brothers. The emergence of borders has put us before a choice. I have taken steps to erase the border for themselves,” said singer.

Note that the musician decided to obtain citizenship of Georgia immediately after the state law has simplified this procedure to anyone born on its territory, but has lost the legal status of a citizen. Recall that Meladze was born in 1965 in Batumi. The highest education he received in the Mykolayiv shipbuilding Institute in Ukraine. After beginning his musical career Valeri has returned to Moscow. To date his brother, the author of almost all of his songs Konstantin Meladze lives and works in Kiev. Unlike many colleagues in the Russian platform Valery Meladze today is not in the database of the site “Peacemaker” and, apparently, not included in the list of artists who are denied entry to Ukraine. However, in the coming months his concerts in our country are not planned.

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