Skate downhill extreme: Myriam Trépanier the hunt

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MONTREAL – Quebec’s Myriam Trepanier has once again shone, the Red Bull Crashed Ice event in Boston. It has signed a fourth podium in as many events since the beginning of the season, finishing second at Fenway Park last Sunday.

Listed in fourth place as much in the world rankings as the world Championship of skating downhill extreme, Trépanier said it was very satisfied with this result. It has, however, ended once more behind the American Amanda Trunzo, who dominates the competition this season.

In Massachusetts, the Quebecer finished with a few strides of the winning. If she believed in her chances, she is able to put the finger on the elements that made the difference.

“There is all the time a lot of elements that come into play in the 30 to 45 seconds for the duration of the race, she analyzed. [Trunzo] is very fast, so she had a better time in qualifying. She was the first choice for the departure gate. Therefore, it had the inside on the first turn.”

“Then, I have not had opportunities to exceed it. She did not open the door.”

A friendly rivalry

Trépanier and Trunzo know each other well: they live both in the Minneapolis area in Minnesota and they usually participate in the same events. A beautiful friendship developed.

However, Trunzo can boast a clear advantage at the level of the competition: indeed, it has won its last five outings. Each time, Trépanier was also of the party. The latter, however, retains hope to take it soon, she has two victories in tests ATSX 1000 in career, including one in Quebec in November 2015.

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“It is small and very fast. Me, I have a bit more to gauge it. She is very dominant, but she is not unbeatable. I am confident of being able to fight,” said Trépanier

“The Crashed Ice event, it is a sport that leaves no room for error. There is also a bit of luck: cracks, falls in front of or behind… So she is fast, but there is a little bit of luck which played in his favor.”

Reduce the gap

If the three flagship events of the Championships are a thing of the past for this season, Trépanier believes in spite of everything be able to go and look for good points in the ATSX 500 of Superior, Wisconsin, and de La Sarre, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, in order to climb the ladder.

In addition, his rival Jacqueline Legere (first in the ranking) and Anaïs Morand (third) have already participated in a race of more, having made the trip to Russia on the 26th of January for the ATSX 500 of Saint-Petersburg. The Quebec aims and the title of vice-champion.

“I still have a good season. I am really constant and that is really what I was aiming for this year. It will be difficult to catch up [Trunzo], but the second place is accessible if I perform well in the [ATSX 500]”.

Retirement planned

In parallel to his life as an athlete, Trépanier holds a job for Saputo in the United States, she has a master’s degree in health and safety in the work environment. A domain that pleases him, but at the age of 32, she intends to continue the descent extreme even for a moment, convinced that she can still win events.

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“I am confident of being able to win and I’m not ready to stop!”

Championship ascension

MONTREAL – Traditionally very dependent on their sponsor Red Bull, the world Championships, skate downhill extreme give a little bit of tools to be able to fly on their own wings.

The international federation of the sport, or the All Terrain Skate Cross (ATSX), established in 2015, has reviewed the categorization of the tests before the season 2018-2019. Thus, the “Crashed Ice” and the “Riders Cup”, became respectively ATSX 1000 and ATSX 250.

Additionally, an intermediate category, ATSX 500, has been added. Local races, such as the one held at Percé on 2 February, are themselves classified ATSX 100.

“The sport is growing in popularity, has analyzed Myriam Trepanier. We are trying to really make a sport and organize most of the race as possible. There is also the interest of different countries to build trails and hold events.”

Plan ahead

With these changes, the grading system has changed. Thus, for the world Championships, the two best test results ATSX 1000 and ATSX 500 are selected, as the best of the side of the races ATSX 250.

A situation that forces the athletes to put more effort into their planning before starting the season.

“Last year, other than for the Crashed Ice event, it was not worth the money to go to Europe for a minor stroke. Now it is more strategic, it is necessary to plan the season ahead.”

Little interest

Occupying a full-time job, Trépanier must use it sparingly as its bank holiday to indulge his passion. In addition, it must itself assume the costs of her travel.

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She further explained that the interest in it was rather low this year in Quebec, so much so that she had to make a cross on some of the stops scheduled on the calendar.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of sponsors. I was a little disappointed this year, I haven’t had a lot of interest of the québec companies to support me. I’m going to try again next year.”