Ski Quebec alpine opens the door to the students

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In the name of the 17 middle school students who have been excluded from the first races of the season presented at mont-Sainte-Anne, the committee for the survival of the university circuit of alpine skiing has sent a notice to the Ski Québec alpin (SQA).

The directorate-general and the members of the board of directors of Ski Québec alpin responded with an open letter where they open the door to the participation of 17 students in the last race of the season of the university circuit, which will be contested at Stoneham, as well as all of the competitors.

The SQA hopes that a committee of experts be set up to bring together the different stakeholders.

Daniel Lavallée
Director general Ski Quebec alpin

“In the meantime, and in order to foster a healthy climate for discussion, the SQA is open to the extent that the RSEQ and our various partners are in agreement with this proposal to open the last race FISU of the year to all cegep students and other athletes interested,” writes Ski Quebec alpine in his open letter.

As for the committee of experts who could see the light of day, the director general of SQA Daniel Lavallée believes that there are two elements completely different.

“The committee will be formed in collaboration with the MEES and we hope that the areas of the various ski clubs can make their voices heard in the modernisation of our sport. “


The executive committee of the RSEQ met on Wednesday night in Drummondville, in order to establish the position of the network in the face of this proposal by the SQA.

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The director-general Gustave Christmas exchange also with the director-France Vigneault of the Directorate of sport, recreation and physical activity in order to validate the understanding of the ministry of Education about the open letter of Ski Québec alpin.

As to the notice of the committee for the survival of the university circuit, the SQA plays the card of discretion.

“We believe that it is best not to comment on this initiative,” said Lavallée.


At the end of the week in Bromont, racing collaborative with the RSEQ, are on the program, courses which the students can take part.