In Slavyanoserbsk terrorists surrounded the National Guard checkpoint

National Guard checkpoint
National Guard checkpoint

Near Slovianoserbsk in Luhansk gunmen surrounded the eve checkpoint Natshvardiyi, Ukrainian military have a place.
This spokesman Information and Analytical Centre of the Council of National Security and Defense Andrey Lysenko daily briefing at noon on September 8, reports “Ukrainian Truth”.
“Yesterday in the area Slovianoserbs’ka Russians built their own checkpoint directly opposite the checkpoint Natshvardiyi. Afterwards our law enforcement officers offered to leave the checkpoint, under the threat of the Russian military convoy pass ahead, and if a major assault will all be destroyed,” – he said .
After that, he said, the terrorists met representatives of the OSCE “agreed to preserve the distance between the parties.”
“But immediately after the departure of the OSCE, the checkpoint was surrounded on three sides hidden in Zelentsy technique: four T-72 tanks, two BMD, two infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and four soldiers in an amount of about 70 people,” – said Lysenko.
“Currently, our military checkpoint and keeping defenses are not going to leave their positions. Currently there is no active contractions” – he said.

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