Slovenian far-right group announced the inclusion in its membership men who fought in Ukraine

Словенская ультраправая группировка заявила о включении в свой состав бойцов, воевавших в Украине

The composition of the Slovenian paramilitary group “Styrian guards” are fighters who fought on the territory of Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the formation, the ex-presidential candidate Andrei Shishko, reports RTVslo.

During a speech to reporters Shishko said that members of the group for more than a year undergoing training. Among them are former soldiers of the Slovenian Armed forces, as well as people with combat experience.

“Among the members of the “Styrian guard” there are those who took part in armed conflicts around the world – from Afghanistan to Ukraine,” he said.

The publication reports that law enforcement officers have already started checking incoming data on the activities of far-right formation, however, Shishko argues that a large part of the police and security services stands at his side.

Before the parliamentary election in Slovenia, won an opposition party, “Slovenian democratic party” (SDS) twice ex-Prime Minister Janez janša, received 25% of votes but was unable to form a coalition with other parliamentary forces to form a government. The Prime Minister was a former comedian and journalist, and actor Marian Sharec calling activity “Styrian guard” “undermining the constitutional system”.

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