Slow start of summer: hard time for traders

The bad weather that persists since the beginning of the summer season not only provokes the anger of the vacationers. Many businesses in the area have difficulty keeping their heads out of the water due to the rain.

“It’s catastrophic,” says Louise Picard, owner of the Park Creamery. I’ve been doing this for seven years and it’s the worst year. It rains all the time. “

The start of the summer season is particularly important for dairies according to Louise Picard.

“After several months of winter, people leave when the weather is nice. In September and October, for example, even though the weather is good, people do not come to eat ice cream. It’s going to hurt me a lot this year. ”

The constant rain also has a harmful effect on the motorcycle industry. Dealers sell fewer gear, but also less clothing and are doing much less maintenance as well.

“Maintenance is down 50%,” said Robert Sirois, sales manager at Harley Davidson Sherbrooke. People are supposed to be 5000 km or 6000 km, but they are only about 2000 km. People do not buy, but do not roll either. ”

“The economy is bizarre yes, but 85% of the decline is due to bad weather,” he concludes.

“We have a lot more cancellations especially on the side of the tents, confirms Lucie Alarie, manager of Camping Lake Magog. People in trailers come anyway, but the bad weather makes sure we do not have last minute arrivals. ”

Lucie Alarie also speaks of a major impact on the visitors of the campsite and the canoe and kayak rentals. However, the campsite has been fully booked for National Day and Canada Day.

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Mixed impact on others

“There is an impact, but it is not a major problem for us,” confirms Leslie Donahue, vice-president of Estrie Marine. You do not really go out on a motorcycle when it rains, but by mountain bike or boat it’s different. Sure, if the sun was nice, the parking lot would be full. ”

At the Milby Golf Club, the situation is not dramatic. Golfers have been there since the beginning of the summer.

“What hurts us is not the rain itself, but rather the rain announcement,” says Guy Faucher, a club professional. Often it will anchor 15 minutes throughout the day, but people can still play golf. They should look at the radars rather than the chances of precipitation. ”

“Purchases during the summer are mainly impulse purchases,” says Yves Duplessis, owner of Air Conditioning Duplessis. Sales are closely related to temperature. During a heatwave, it’s stupid, but it’s much quieter when it rains. ”

Up to 50% more rain than normal
The precipitation received in the Eastern Townships of June was much greater than normal, which confirms the impressions of many Estrians.

According to Bruno Marquis, meteorologist at Environment Canada, they were 25 to 50 per cent higher than what we normally see in the sixth month of the year.

“The excess rainfall varies from one sector to another. Sometimes, in the mountains and along the border, that’s where you got the most, “he says. It’s like that throughout southern Quebec and in the west. ”

“Meanwhile, in the eastern part of the province, we received much less rain. As on the North Shore, it reaches 75 percent less rain. ”

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In terms of temperatures, we stood near the normals, despite the impression that June was rather chilly. “The Estrie was two to three degrees below normal during the month. It’s not huge, “says Marquis.

“Just a few nights with a good cloud cover to keep temperatures warmer and it has an effect on the average of the month. There were also some hot days. ”

“Elsewhere in the province, the same phenomenon has been observed. In Montreal and Quebec, temperatures were close to normal. ”


The next few days will make us realize more than we are in summer. Environment Canada expects sun and rising temperatures. “It will be better,” says Bruno Marquis as if he wanted to be encouraging.

“It starts today (Monday). The sun should be there until Thursday. There should be no rain before Friday. Temperatures should be three to four degrees above normal. ”