Slowdown of iPhone: the French justice opened an investigation on Apple

Photo: Nicolas Asfouri Archives Agence France-Presse

The French justice has opened a preliminary investigation aimed at Apple on suspicion of” planned obsolescence ” of some models of iPhone in the u.s. giant, accused of voluntarily reduce the performance, learned Monday the AFP from justice source.


The survey opened on January 5, also aims of the facts of ” deception “. It follows a complaint from the French association Stop the planned obsolescence (HOP), filed on December 27, which accuses Apple voluntarily reduce performance and the life of its smartphones through its system updates.


In its complaint, Hop believes that Apple, through updates to its iPhone, by voluntarily reduced performance and duration of life, in order to accelerate the replacement.
“Apple has put in place a comprehensive strategy of planned obsolescence in order to increase its sales,” argued the association.


According to her, Apple is likely to be sued for all iphones sold in France since the promulgation of the law of 17 August 2015, which introduced the crime of planned obsolescence in the French law.


Contacted by AFP, Apple France had no comment in the immediate future.
The american group, which manufactures each year a new model of its phone feature, was revealed on 21 December that it was fenced voluntarily, the performance of the phone after a certain time, in order to “extend the life” of it.


A decision, according to him, due to the use of lithium-ion batteries that have more difficulties in responding to significant requests by the user of the phone when they get older.


It was just as well, for the first time, confirm the rumours about possible slowdowns volunteers of the iPhone, recurring for years in the press, and many sites devoted to Apple.


In the United States, a group action was launched in mid-December against apple for the same reasons.


In France, the manufacturer of Epson printer is already the subject of a criminal investigation for ” planned obsolescence “, open it also after a complaint by the association Hop.