Slum in Cote-des-Neiges: “Difficult to accept,” says Mayor Copeman

The case of a slum building in Cote-des-Neiges that we described in our yesterday’s issue is “hard to accept” for the borough’s mayor and responsible for housing on the executive committee, Russell Copeman.

Russell Copeman, Mayor of the Cote-des-Neiges borough and responsible for housing on the Executive Committee, considers that the condition of the building located at 3360 Goyer Street is “unacceptable”. “You know, it’s not easy to evacuate a building like this,” he said. It is a very vulnerable clientele. We make a moral commitment to put those people in a safe place, so it’s not obvious. ”

“For me, the hardest thing to accept is the inspections in 2015, where all the notices of non-compliance appear to have been resolved. When I see recent photos a year later, it seems to me impossible that all notices of non-compliance have been corrected properly, “Copeman said.

The 3360, Goyer street is a building of 30 apartments that La Presse visited last week at the invitation of the Education Organization and the Côte-des- Neiges housing information (EYE). The building had been part of the Borough’s preventive inspection program for three years. In 2015, the file was closed because the owner had, according to the inspectors, carried out all the necessary work.

Eighteen months later, the building is in a state of insalubrity almost indescribable. The structure is riddled with mold so that floors sometimes sink under the weight of a person. Heating is almost non-existent. Some tenants did not have access to a functional toilet for months.

Despite recent recommendations from the Public Health Branch that the entire building was to be emptied, only two out of the 19 tenants out of the building were evacuated.

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Russell Copeman said that when he arrived, he gave clear instructions to the inspectors of his borough: “I wanted our inspectors to be vigorous and rigorous.” After referring to the case of 3360 Goyer, we asked Mr. Copeman: are they really?

“They [inspectors] are to the extent of their means. But there is still work to be done. There is an urgency that is sometimes lacking in inspectors. ”

“But I guarantee one thing: since the last reports [in November], we are very active in the matter,” said Russell Copeman, Mayor of the Côte-des-Neiges borough.

“Two evacuation notices were issued. You know, it’s not easy to evacuate a building like this. It is a very vulnerable clientele. We make a moral commitment to put these people back in a safe place, so it’s not obvious. ”

The new owner of 3360 Goyer Street, Nicolo Piazza, who bought the building for 1.3 million last January, has 90 days to comply with the notice of compliance already issued. “If it does not, there will be consequences,” warns Copeman.

For his part, Mayor Denis Coderre said that this case was not acceptable. “That is why, with the status of metropolis, we will seek new powers to fight against unhealthiness. During the last campaign, Mr. Coderre promised to make the fight against unhealthiness a priority of his administration.