Smoking mixes were outlawed

384555881-300x218The region continues operational and preventive measures to detect and prevent the spread of the facts of smoking mixtures, bath salts and other products containing psychotropic and narcotic substances. Law enforcement officials have warned that their production, storage and marketing of criminal liability.
The fact that drug use is dangerous to health, there is no objection anybody. But various aromatic or smoking blends are not always perceived as something harmful. According to the doctors, people who use smoking blends, there psychotropic effects and drug development. Regular use of these substances may lead not only to mental disorders, but also to serious physical health, until the disability.
As the head of the fight against drug trafficking Vladimir Strojiči, during vidpratsyuvan police found 12 facts deposit smoking mixtures or so-called Spice. Paper roll with vegetable mixture similar to narcotic smoking spice, police seized the 21-year ternopolyanyna. The mixture was smoking a hookah police found 28-year resident of one of the regional centers region. A sachet containing a substance similar to smoking blends, seized 20-year-old Zborivsky area. Removed mixture sent for examination. Should any of these drugs or psychotropic substances perpetrators bear criminal liability under the law.
The police draw to justice and the implementer prohibited and psychotropic drugs. For example, article 307 of the Criminal Code detectives charged 52-year-old entrepreneur from Zbarazh. In the shop, owned by the latter, in a free market were smoking blends. Not disdain to make implementation of prohibited goods and sales of two commercial establishments in Ternopil. They also brought to criminal liability, and the product removed. Channels for banned substances are set.
In addition, police caught two ternopolyan that sold bath salts. These products contain a compound or substance that falls under psychotropic substances. Prohibited goods sent for examination.
Bath salts – a new type of drug use which is extremely dangerous. They quickly addictive and lead to fatalities.
Law enforcement officials are turning to NGOs, activists, residents of the region to join efforts in the fight against smoking mixtures and sellers Bath Salts containing psychotropic and narcotic substances. If you have information about places of possible implementation of prohibited substances or persons who distribute, reporting a number in Ternopil (code 0352) 27-13-81, 27-17-27 or 102. Anonymity is guaranteed.

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