Sofia and Alexander: the Ministry of justice published the most popular baby names in Ukraine

София и Александр: Минюст опубликовал самые популярные детские имена в Украине

The most popular names, which the Ukrainians have named their newborn children in the first half of 2018, began Sophia, Anastasia, Anna, Artem, Alexander and Maxim. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of justice for the state registration of Elena Sukmanova, the press service of the Ministry.

“In the first half of this year, girls are often given names (in order of decreasing frequency of use), Sophia, Anastasia, Anna, Victoria, Maria, Veronica, Dasha, Polina, Eva, Milan, and straw. Boys — Alexander, Artem, Maxim, Bogdan, Dmitry, Matthew, Vlad, Nazar, David, Elijah, Andrew, Timothy,” said Sukmanova.

In Kiev in the ranking of the most popular names Sophia, Maria, Zlata, Milan, Artem, Maxim, Dmitry, and Alexander.

Note that in 2017 the most popular names for children were Anastasia, Sofia and Anna for girls and Artem, Maxim and Alexander for boys.

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