Sold denies the presence of his resort in Turkey

Продан отрицает наличие у него курортного комплекса в Турции

Acting Chairman of the State fiscal service Sold Miroslav denies the presence of his resort in Turkey. About this he wrote on the page in Facebook.

“I read on the Internet another batch of rumors about the alleged “found” my foreign resort. One of the editions went on and “found” I have a yacht, a Villa in Spain and even aircraft! Of course, all of this is fake. All my assets specified in the Declaration”, – he wrote.

Also Sold called such news information attack.

“Fake invented and hyping, because they have a problem in any way put pressure on me. Searched and checked very carefully, but nothing real to throw failed. So they resorted to outright falsification. This invention with the “resort” has no prospect of success, any unbiased test will confirm it. My position remains unchanged: we continue the attack on the smuggling, a rollback to this question is no. As there will be no rollback in the issue of blocking schemes with fictitious VAT” – summed up acting President of the SFS.

Note that on August 28 one of the Ukrainian news, citing a source in the Prosecutor General’s office, reported that examined the circumstances of the proposed acquisition of Prodan resort in Turkey within the framework of investigation of criminal proceedings conducted by anti-corruption bodies.

Also appeared in the media information with reference to the decision of Pechersk district court of Kyiv, the estate was probably purchased in Turkey sold is estimated at 562 thousand 341 USD.

Recall that Sold is headed by the SFS since March last year.

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