Sold removed the head of the Odessa customs from duties during the investigation of the theft of 37 containers

Продан отстранил главу Одесской таможни от выполнения обязанностей на период расследования кражи 37 контейнеров

The acting head of the State fiscal service (GFS) Miroslav Prodan dismissed the chief of the Odessa customs Alexander Vlasov for the period of service investigation into the theft of 37 containers filled with cloth and other goods. He stated this during a briefing, transfers “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“I gave instructions to the internal security of the Central office of the SFS on the internal investigation. For impartiality of action for the period of the investigation, to dismiss the head of the Odessa customs from performing his duties. Third: I have every reason to say about his involvement in this crime employees of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. I have to apply to the NEB for a fair investigation,” – said Prodan.

The acting head of the SFS said that the announced 21 August, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko the information on identification in the warehouse of the 37 containers of unaccounted goods needs to be clarified.

“The fact of the identify, arrest and further action were made and carried out exclusively by employees of the SFS of Ukraine. Emphasize exclusively by employees of the SFS of Ukraine”, – he said.

Prodan confirmed that during the investigation employees of GFS established involvement in the theft of containers of the group Amineva-Serdyuk.

“By the way, last till this time working in the General Prosecutor’s office… Until recently, this employee works more than that – in the unit, supervising the work of customs,” – said the acting head of the GFS.

According to him, the stolen containers, in addition to tissue, also contained machinery, tractors, spare parts, other products.

“Lately for me, my family, my environment, friends and relatives of employees of the SFS take a huge pressure on law enforcement agencies. I imagine it will increase, when the first results of the monitoring and verification measures of the forest industry,” he said.

Earlier, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, citing its own journalistic investigation, which was held in Kiev and Odessa, said that corruption at customs Ukraine loses up to 4.8 billion dollars. a year.

A major corruption scheme, according to German journalists, “perekladyvanii” products, with the participation of government officials. Thus a product that is the de facto in the shipment, declared as another one that provides lower fees.

Thus, in addition to customs, in a corruption scheme involved also representatives of the security service, police, state border service and the GPU.

The SFS do not deny that Ukrainian customs are recorded instances of corruption, but urged to appeal to official data.

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