In solid “four” rated by the Court of Appeal job Chernihiv region

1419056978_chernihiv.appeal.court_18.12.2014_main_3December 18, 2014 in the premises of the Court of Appeal of Chernihiv Region Results of the survey of-court visitors on the availability, effectiveness and impartiality of its work.
Participation in the presentation were all judges and staff Appellate Court of Chernihiv region, representatives of NGOs and the media.
Polls conducted Chernihiv Civic Committee for Human Rights under the “Creating a positive image of court through the identification and elimination of common problems of courts” implemented Ukrainian Coalition of Legal Aid with support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) «True Justice” in 4 pilot regions of Ukraine. In general, using the methodology Citizen Report Cards were interviewed 110 visitors Appellate Court of Chernihiv region.
“The Court of Appeal Chernihiv region first took part in the survey of program that aims to study the real picture of public attitudes to the courts – said during the presentation Natalia Piddubna, Program Manager Chernihiv Civic Committee for Human Rights. – During November-December 2014 by the Court had the opportunity to evaluate its activities on the following parameters: the availability of court, convenience and comfort of staying in court, availability, completeness and clarity of judicial information, the quality of court staff, deadlines trial, the quality of judges quality of writing and study the judgment and provide recommendations to improve these parameters. ”
According to Roman crustaceans, representative of Ukrainian coalition of legal aid, overall 5-point scale work by Court rated highly enough. In particular, 70% of respondents rated the quality of this court, putting evaluation in 4 and 5, and nearly three quarters of respondents perceive the work of a judge on 4 and 5 points. Over 80% identified their impressions of the visit to the court deemed to meet their expectations, or are better than they expected.
At the same time, nearly 67% of respondents were unable to evaluate the effectiveness of a representative (lawyer or attorney) in court. The evaluation of the court such innovations as the introduction of SMS communication and electronic document, the inhabitants rated them in the firmament of 4.3 points.
In today’s conditions and respondents were asked questions about the protests at the courthouse for a final court decision. On this question 33% of respondents said they really believe that the protests affect make a fair decision in court.
“The need to conduct a similar survey arose from the fact that Ukrainian often form their views on judges and courts in absentia, which is why the survey real visitors Court is important. However, in any case, this assessment is the administration of the court and its work, ie in the questionnaire respondents did not give their assessments directly on court decisions “, – explained Marina Rudenko Representative Project USAID« fair justice. ”
As Sadih Tagiyev, the Court of Appeal of Chernihiv region, as in this court a survey conducted for the first time, members of the court are really interested in an independent evaluation of the real relationship of citizens to the court.
“Our appeals court ready to criticism and willing to change, if it can raise the level of confidence in the judiciary – says Sadih Tagiyev. – For the next 1-2 months, the court will do everything possible to make changes to improve court performance with consideration and wishes of citizens, even without existing budget funds. ”
In addition, the Court of Appeal, together with representatives of the Bar Register of lawyers create in Chernihiv oblast so inform area residents about the possibility of legal assistance and will post this information on the website of the court and notice boards. The Court of Appeal is ready to operate in budgetary savings by using SMS messaging system and document copies via email.

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