Some advice that we received at the Expo Entrepreneurs 2019

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The Expo Entrepreneurs 2019 (EE19), which took place at place Bonaventure in Montreal on January 23 and 24, was the opportunity for thousands of participants to receive recommendations and guidance in their project.

Specialized clinics have been put in place by the organizers so that the participants can meet experts in a head to head. We have been able to gather a few tips for young entrepreneurs who want to start.


Accounting is an aspect that is often an issue and that we have a tendency to procrastinate. That said, the good accounts make good projects.

You will need to know you running if you want to incorporate or to remain an autonomous worker. There are more costs when it was incorporated and more financial disclosures to make.

The specialists that we have met advise you to separate personal expenses, and those dedicated to your company. The important thing is not to mix.

Digital strategy

We can not stop talking about digital strategy, but few of us know how to proceed as it should. The first rule that has received the EE19 is the following : be consistent. A good brand image is an image that will not in every sense, and who knows how to stand out by its consistency.

For social networking, same thing. No need to go anywhere. Depending on your target, you can concentrate on one or two media.


The legal aspect is perhaps not the first that one thinks of when one starts up a business. But it may eventually catch up with us. To the clinic “right” EE19, we advise you to consult a lawyer to be able to negotiate your contracts and leases.

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When you begin, it is important to be able to leave a bit of latitude and do not rise to obligations and constraints, which can quickly bury you.


Depending on your business sector, the insurance can wait. But it is advisable to subscribe to it at a given time, including to protect you against any lawsuits that may arise.

Similarly, some clients may require you to be insured in order to do business with you.


A good idea becomes a business when it can integrate a market. Thus, it is very important not to shut ourselves up in a self-brainstorm, and go see the client.

It is necessary to assess if the need is there, if your prototype please the customer in order to validate your entrepreneurial adventure.

As summarized by an expert on the spot : “If you want to sell t-shirts to women in their twenties, it is better that you take their opinion. If you do not will sell anything”.

It is clear.