Son of Yana Rudkovskaya robbed in a bar

The Son of Yana Rudkovskaya Nikolai Baturin last night stole 150 thousand rubles. According to the producer, the money was given to the son to record a new track in the Studio.


Last night the young artist and the son of the famous producer Yana Rudkovskaya – heading to a recording Studio to record their new single. The young man had with him 150 thousand rubles in cash to pay for Studio facilities and musicians. However, on the way to the Studio Nikolai Baturin stopped in a bar to friends, where they drank and had fun. After a 15-year-old singer wasn’t feeling well from drinking, he went home. This morning Nikolai Baturin found that money to record a song he had not and suggested that they were probably stolen in the bar. He said this mother.

Yana Rudkovskaya wrote a statement to the police about the theft of large sums of money and stressed that this amount was significant for the family.