Son Stus refused to participate in the creation of a film about the father

The son of a Ukrainian poet and dissident Vasyl Stus – Dmytro Stus said that the authors of the film about his father broke all prior arrangement, so he did not intend to cooperate with them in the future. He said this in comments to the Public, writes “New time”.

According to him, about a year ago, the filmmakers turned to him for advice.

“About a year ago, maybe less, they approached me, I asked for the script after reading the script, I refused to cooperate with them, that’s all. I believe, an unacceptable scenario – neither ethical, nor aesthetic”, he said.

The poet’s son said that his own attitude will not change, “neither the filmmakers nor the film” under any circumstances, including, subject to return to film scenes with Viktor Medvedchuk, who was a lawyer of Vasyl Stus.

“People (the authors of the tape – ed.) on my behalf, has distributed a bunch of statements… they asked Me to talk to them about the issue, we agreed that all will not escape from the context. But as far as I can tell my friends and my wife, everything is broken. And with people who break their promises, I have nothing to do,” said Dmytro Stus.

“Maybe they have to film were not pirated, to contact me for copyright but I won’t talk to them”, – said the son of the Stus.

We will remind, in April of 2018 started shooting a Ukrainian feature film “Bird of the soul” about a famous poet of the sixties, human rights activist and Hero of Ukraine Vasily stone. The tape is removed with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie.

10 Aug around picture scandal associated with the fact that the Directors of the film decided to cut from the tape episode with the trial of Vasily Stus. In particular, films have removed all mention of Ukrainian politics Viktor Medvedchuk, who in 1980 was appointed advocate Vasyl Stus during the trial.

After a stormy public reaction the filmmakers on the street. announced that it still wraps the stage of the court with the participation of Medvedchuk. Lawyer Medvedchuk warned that in case of providing false information about the policy, he may file a lawsuit against the filmmakers.

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