Sony wants to create a dog-robot personal assistant

The personal assistants will definitely enter the homes of everyone in the years to come. Google, Amazon or Apple are adhesive as well as other manufacturers third party. But for the moment, all personal assistants are only available in the form of the connected speaker. Sony seems to want to change things.

According to the information of the journal Nikkei Asian Review, Sony would have updated the team dedicated to its robot dog Aibo. With the aim of improving it.

With Aibo Sony wants to give life to K-9

Aibo is legendary : launched in 1999, the first model sold like hotcakes, literally. Of the 3,000 units for the japanese market were sold in 20 minutes, 2,000 are reserved for the american market in four days. This was the beginning of the mode of the robot of the company which have marked the toy market in the early 2000s.

The development of Aibo has been discontinued in 2007 after more than 15 million units sold, but it seems that the arrival of the personal assistants has renewed, at Sony, his interest : why not create a robot-dog that is, in addition, a personal assistant compatible with, for example, Google Assistant or Alexa ? And fans of Doctor Who will no doubt be a small similarity with K-9, the robotic dog, intelligent Doctor.

A slew of new features for the Aibo ?

With the new generation of Aibo, if the rumour is true and Sony brings the project forward, it is a new era of personal assistants who could start. After the speakers connected, limited features, this is that the robot companions might be more functional and actually become useful.

If a robot dog is likely to remain a gadget, we can imagine new Emiglio (Giochi Preziosi), for example, able to play with the children while managing the level of the music, the thermostat and the lights. Not to mention the usefulness for people with reduced mobility or the company that they will bring to the people only.

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