Soupesoup in the hot water after the closure of the restaurants

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The employees of Soupesoup are steeped in uncertainty, the famous chain of restaurants which do not preclude the bankruptcy due to serious financial difficulties.

Photo courtesy, linkedin,Jacques Parisien


On Thursday, the four institutions that belong directly to the company suddenly closed their doors. For now, only the restaurant franchisee of the rue St-Denis, Montreal, remains open.

“We are in the process of trying to find solutions “, said yesterday the Newspaper the majority shareholder, Hervé Gevaudan.

This French businessman has recently acquired control of Soupesoup of Jacques Parisien, president of Power Communications and former number 2 of Astral Media. Mr. Parisien had purchased the business in 2014, when its founder, Caroline Dumas.

Three tracks are currently being considered for Soupesoup : a reinvestment, which would allow a rapid resumption of activities, a reorganization court to reduce the debt, or a bankruptcy, pure and simple.

A deficit for years

“We have inherited a situation that was already complicated at the base,” explained Mr. Gevaudan, noting that the company is in deficit for years. He said that he has invested $ 350,000 in the company, including for the development of a new central kitchen that serves both restaurants.

For the moment, the products Soupesoup sold in supermarkets are not affected, as they are manufactured by a subcontractor.

An ex-employee who was dismissed at the beginning of the month, has said yesterday in the Newspaper that Soupesoup owed him more money. “I was told that they no longer had the means to pay me,” he confided under the guise of anonymity.

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Photo courtesy, linkedin,Hervé Gevaudan

Ms. Dumas, who founded Soupesoup in 2001, has not kept a good memory of Mr. Paris. “It went extremely wrong with him,” she lamented.

The entrepreneur had continued to work for Soupesoup after the sale of the business, but in April 2017, she has had to leave. “When I was put outside, it is as if the DPJ was coming to fetch my children “, she started.

“If I could redeem the name, I would “, she added.

Paris reacts

Joined yesterday, Jacques Parisien has rather argued that the employment contract of Caroline Dumas had arrived at maturity.

“It has complied with its contract, it has been fully paid and it was very satisfied,” he said.

Mr. Paris assured him that he was not afraid to take the final closure of Soupesoup.

“I’m relatively positive that [Hervé Gevaudan] is going to put forward what it takes for Soupesoup to survive, to get well and grow “, he said.

Let us recall that at the time of the sale of Astral Media to Bell, in 2013, Jacques Paris had been entitled to close to $ 6 million in the form of various benefits for termination of employment. For all of the six most senior leaders of the company, the total amounted to $28 million.