SpaceX called the price of a flight ticket Big F*cking Rocket

В SpaceX назвали цену билета на рейс Big F*cking Rocket 

President and chief operating officer of the American company SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell told about the launch date and the price of the ticket for the flight transport system BFR (Big Falcon Rocket), also jokingly called the Big F*cking Rocket. It is reported by Recode.

At the TED conference, the Manager said that the BFR will work within a decade and will be calculated, including shipping about a hundred people within the Earth or to Mars. In less than an hour, the transport system, said Shotwell, will take people almost anywhere in the globe, and the cost of the ticket will be more economic, but cheaper than business class for transatlantic flights (several thousand dollars).
This cost of flights, according to Shotwell due to the fact that BFR will allow operational (up to 12 times in 24 hours) changing the route when the start condition of the transport system approximately once per day.

The founder of Space X Elon Musk introduced the BFR in September 2017. The system includes a reusable super-heavy rocket (the first stage) and manned spacecraft (second stage) seats 100 people. It is intended for near-earth missions, space launches and missions to the moon and Mars. In the end, the BFR is supposed to replace existing and created rockets and spaceships of SpaceX.