SpaceX found the first tourist to fly to the moon

SpaceX нашла первого туриста для полета на Луну

The company SpaceX has chosen the first tourist flight around the moon. This is stated in the message the company on Twitter.

“SpaceX has signed a contract with the world’s first private passenger, who will fly around the moon on Board of a BFR. This is an important step towards providing access for people who dream about traveling to space”, – stated in the message.

The name of the passenger SpaceX has not yet named. It is expected to be announced on Monday, September 17.

SpaceX нашла первого туриста для полета на Луну

On plans to send “space tourists” to the moon SpaceX said in early 2017. The company claimed to have already signed contracts with two tourists on a flight to super-heavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy. The first flight of the long week initially planned to commit in late 2018, and then the deadline was moved to mid-2019.

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