SpaceX named in the ticket price for international flights on a rocket

В SpaceX назвали стоимость билета на международные перелеты на ракете

The President of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell, speaking at a TED meeting in Vancouver, called the ticket price for the missile is able to quickly deliver people from one country to another, according to the NASA website.

As it turned out, the flights will be more expensive than economy class, but cheaper than business class for transatlantic flights. It turned out that we are talking about the “thousands of dollars”.

As reported by the President of the company, this technology will be ready for operation “within a decade”. While Shotwell added that the implementation may change, but it is known that the flights will carry a missile Big Falcon Rocket, on Board of which will be about 100 people. Such transport will be able to deliver a passenger to almost any place of the globe in less than an hour.

Comparative low cost flight complex will be achieved due to the speed of the rocket because it can make a lot more flights than aircraft over the same period of time. Low cost of flight due to the fact that transport will run up to 12 times per day.

Big Falcon Rocket plans to build in the coming years. A launch of this rocket to Mars is expected in 2022-m.