Speech Azarov and the anti-Semitism of the opposition: Released new evidence in the case of Manafort

Речь Азарова и антисемитизм оппозиции: Обнародованы новые доказательства по делу Манафорта

The investigation team of spectacular FBI Robert Muller has presented more than 300 documents in the case of Paul Manafort. In particular, says about the cooperation between Manafort with the “Party of regions of Ukraine” and “Opposition bloc”.

It is reported by Voice of America.

In particular, in the electronic correspondence is being actively discussed by the political campaign of Viktor Yanukovych and “Party of regions”, worked out the details of his business trips, the report said. The documents refer to different time periods.

So, for example, by Paul Manafort in a letter to his partner, political consultant Ted Divina (worked with Manafort in Ukraine) lurid detail should be like the performance of the Ukrainian politician Mykola Azarov at the Congress of the Party of regions on 9 September 2010.

Manafort writes: “Azarov will be 10-12 minutes in Russian. It needs to criticize Tymoshenko for the mess that she left behind and present an electoral platform. VFYA (Viktor Yanukovych) will deliver a 5-7 minute speech in the Ukrainian language, where the need to present his program “Ukraine for people”, – transfers the edition.

The documents listed the cost of the Congress of the Party of regions – 565 thousand dollars.

Also, according to court documents, Manafort wrote to Yanukovych that “we have actively promoted the concept of anti-Semitism as part of the [views] [Ukrainian] opposition. (…) This was a key part of our Washington strategy.”

In documents you can also see the questions that were asked at the press conference, Viktor Yanukovych, is devoted to one hundred days of his tenure as President of Ukraine, and the answers that were given.

We will remind, on July 27 spectacular FBI Robert Mueller released a list of 35 potential witnesses in the case of Paul Manafort, who is accused of banking and tax crimes. Mueller plans to present the list in court on July 31.

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