Sports Complex: Magog’s Hockey Industry Makes the Wave

As much at the Magog Cantonniers as at Hockey Magog, we rubbed our hands with satisfaction at the project of the $ 21M two-ice sports complex to be erected on the grounds of the Ruche secondary school.

General Manager of Hockey Magog, Ghyslain Héroux reacted very positively. “How not to rejoice? Certainly there is still the financial package with the grants to be sought from the government levels and a few permits to obtain, but we have never been so close to finally seeing the realization of this project. We are going to surf on this positive wave and we will arrive safely, I am convinced, “Héroux said.

For the past few years, Hockey Magog, due to the busy schedule at the Magog arena, has to plan activities at the Pat-Burns Arena in Stanstead. The Magogois organization will continue to do so next season and will also turn to the Thibault GM complex in Sherbrooke. “It’s an expense of about $ 25,000 for us,” said Mr. Héroux. It’s not very hard to send two teams from Magog to play at Stanstead. And we would like to use those thousands of dollars better. With two ice creams at our disposal in Magog, it will be an economy for parents and for the association. We see big for the future with this good news that will make it easier for everyone. ”

Hockey Magog is collecting around $ 70,000 with these two hockey tournaments, the provincial pee-wee and the novice provincial. “I imagine what we can do now with two ice creams in the same amphitheater,” says the director general.

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A heritage

Renaud Légaré, chairman of the Magog Midget AAA Cantonniers, leaves no room for interpretation as to his enthusiasm. “If I put on my hat of President of the Cantonniers, here is an amphitheater to the height of an organization and a midget AAA league. With all the services inside, our players will be treated to small onions while they will benefit from the latest equipment sports. We will have the most modern sports complex in the league. And there is no need to travel between the high school and the arena for the daily training of players, “argues Légaré.

The latter hopes that his fellow citizens will rejoice with the announcement of this project. “I am thinking of future generations and it is a legacy that will be left to them. For the students who will be attending the Hive, it will be great. La Ruche will have nothing to envy any other school in the region. ”

Légaré also made a leap in the past. “Fifty years ago, when the current arena in the East Park opened, it was far from unanimous. We know the story. But 50 years later, can we say that was the decision to be made? Certainly. Earlier, the same thing will be said about this new arena with two ice creams. ”