Spouse Andrew Giulana told about her husband’s infidelity

The wife of actor Andrew Giulana broke up with her husband because of his infidelities. She spoke about it on his page on the social network Instagram.


Recently there have been rumors that Hagolan was separated from his wife Diana. After a time, she released a video on the Internet, where he spoke about the separation with her husband. Fans of Diana scared of her behavior and worried about her mental health.

So, the girl posted another video which shows how she takes a bath in a white dress with candles and milk. Diana dives into the water and wash off with a mascara. She listens to Opera music and talks about his woeful state and treason Andrew Giulana. Fans began to support Diana, noting that her experiences are difficult to watch without pity. They wish her not to break down and demonstrate to herself that she is a decent girl.

In the comments Diana asks subscribers how to soothe the pain. Users, trying to comfort her, saying that they would help.