SSU detained a Russian spy in Kiev

spyRussian agents exposed in Kiev. About this informed the Security Service of Ukraine.

They found 59-year-old professor at one of the capital’s universities. Russian FSB recruited him a few years ago during a trip to Moscow. The man accepted the money to conduct subversive activities in Ukraine and instructions received from the Russian special services calls. SBU detained admitted that he had hurt cable CEC to disrupt the counting of votes in the presidential election, but was unable to do so because of enhanced security. And yet – had to fire flares Polish embassy in the capital and to leave in place the symbols of “the right sector.” For this, the Russians promised to man 3,000 euros.

Also, on the eve of the Ministry of Interior prevented a number of attacks in Odessa. It was reported on June 24 the Minister of Interior of Ukraine Arseniy Avakov.

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