St-Elie Motorsports: Concerned citizens despite the sound barrier wall

The tension remains between the owner of Saint-Élie Motorsports Simon Homans and the citizens who live near the drag track.

In an information session during which Mr. Homans presented his solutions to the citizens to diminish as much as possible the hearing pollution, he met an audience still worried. The owner was accompanied by Michel Dupras, urban planner at Consulte, Alexandre Couture, a technician at SNC-Lavalin and Pierre Langlois, urban planner and coordinator at the City of Sherbrooke. The quartet had a lot of questions about the solutions brought.

Among the fifty citizens present, two distinct groups were readily recognizable. On one side were the people who judged the decisions taken incorrect. They deplored the fact that the noise barrier had not had the expected effects since its implantation. However, since it was officially finalized, no competition was held on the track. On the other hand, some have come to testify to the praiseworthy efforts of the owner of Saint-Élie Motorsports.

Throughout the meeting, Mr. Homans showed patience, but at times his irritation was quite perceptible. It must be said that this struggle has been going on since 2012 and that since then he has had to invest heavily in lawyers and compensation.

It is important to note that the Court of Appeal upheld Simon Homans’ right to continue his automobile business.

Among the improvements made is the construction of a noise barrier, a length of 120 feet and a height of 30 feet, as well as a zoning change to be able to move the wells. If this latter measure is approved, the racing cars would be further away from Route 220, which is the southern edge of the car complex. The zoning change will however have to go through a very long process before being approved for good. If it were approved, it would greatly help Mr. Homans on the logistical side and should reduce noise that is inconvenient to the residents of the area.

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