St-Pierre Plamondon will refuse public support

Quebec Stunned by criticism, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon promises to refuse any form of public support for PQ members or constituency members if he embarks on the investiture of the Parti Québécois (PQ) in Prévost .

The Sun reported on Tuesday the remarks of Karine Gauvin, also interested in a candidacy, who fears that the dice are piped in favor of the former pretender to the PQ leadership.

M. St-Pierre Plamondon is still sorry for Madame Gauvin’s impression, and maintains that no fact supports her feelings.

He notes that his own report Dare to rethink the PQ recommends the neutrality of riding executives during leadership races. “But I will go further,” said Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon to the Sun , Tuesday. “I pledge to ask whoever would give me formal support, be it executive members or MPs or even the leader of the PQ, to remain neutral.”

Although he believes he is unfairly suspected, Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon intends to redouble his prudence to preserve the neutrality of the nomination process. “My race will be based solely on the quality of my proposals and my candidacy,” he says. I will do without the traditional way of doing politics, which is to seek support here and there. ”

The nomination for the new Prévost riding is scheduled to take place in early 2018.

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