Staff support and humanitarian aid sent from Ternopil in Luhansk

4-300x198On Sunday, Ternopil law enforcement officers, soldiers consolidated unit, with bread and salt in a hard road to the zone ATO off relatives and police leadership. And today of Ternopil fully perform given tasks in the Luhansk region. After all, where every day thundering explosions, no time getting used to.

– Almost all of you have visited the area ATO, so tell where you are going and what will not – addressed the soldiers in the day of sending Acting Head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Alexander mantis. – I wish you persistence, courage, wisdom and good friendly shoulder side. Take care of each other and return home alive and healthy.

As part of a consolidated group – rozshukivtsi and ubozivtsi. Then they will perform the appropriate task. Ternopil help colleagues from Lugansk disclose grave and especially grave crimes, as well as service to bear checkpoints.

– A little sad that he had to leave the family on the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays – admitted a few minutes to send Chief of the Criminal Investigation regional police Oleg Hudak. – However, this is our job, so it should not shift responsibility to others. We will make every effort to fully carry out the tasks entrusted to us the leadership of the regional police and Interior Ministry.

In addition to support personnel from the Ternopil region on the eastern frontiers of our country also sent material aid. Humanitarian cargo of Ternopil handed fellow who for some time serving in the area of ​​ATO and Orphanages Novoaydarivskoho boarding house.

– With the help of caring Ternopil and promote charitable fund “Podolyany” we were able to collect Christmas podarunochky for all 250 children – said Ruslan volunteer. – This clothing, sweets and toys.

Ternopil police for several months to help these boys and girls.

– Our hearts beat in rhythm with children living in the occupied territories – said the head of the Criminal Investigation regional police Stepan Yatsuh. – I want that they had a real New Year with gifts and surprises.

Together, community and leadership Ternopil police also failed to fully provide all necessary law enforcement officers went to the area ATO.

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