Stage at the Peel basin: a call for caution

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It is premature to conclude that the Peel watershed has been targeted for the construction of a future baseball stadium in the event of the return of the Expos in Montreal, according to a spokesman for the investor group to the head of the project.

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Daniel Granger has reacted Wednesday to the news relayed yesterday by the radio station 98.5 FM, to the effect that the future stadium would be built on the Peel basin. In an interview with the QMI Agency, he said that the caution was put in this folder.

“We are far from the cup to the lips. There is an inscription which has been made to comply with the law, quite simply.”

Entity belonging to the family Bronfman, Claridge is recorded in the Registry of lobbyists in Quebec. Also, the businessman Stephen Bronfman is the leader of the group hoping to get a team in the major leagues.

“It is also possible that it happens in three months and we find ourselves in front of anything,” said Mr. Granger.

Other options?

If it is fair to believe that the Peel watershed is part of the sites that are of interest to the montreal investors, other options are always considered.

The objective of this inscription in the Registry of lobbyists is to enable investors to comply with the law in order to have discussions with the federal government, specifically with the real estate Company of Canada. Investors are particularly eager to learn about the options concerning “the transfer potential of a field”.

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These discussions will not, however, necessarily result in an agreement.

The CAQ prudent

The government of the CAQ has shown himself to be prudent in commenting on the record, on Wednesday. The minister responsible for the Metropolis, Chantal Rouleau, said that Quebec could be involved in the project to bring back baseball to Montreal, if it is well-crafted.

“There is certainly an aid that could come, but we cannot speak of amount at the present time, of course, because we did not project. If there are investments, it is necessary that the income is higher than it would be as an investment on the part of Quebecers,” said Ms. Roller press briefing at the national Assembly.

Asked about the concerns related to gentrification of the neighborhood that had caused previous projects, Ms. Roll has reminded that the decision was in the hands of the federal, who owns the land. “A baseball stadium could be interesting for the economic and social development of the sector, however, has suggested to the member for Pointe-aux-Trembles. I think that, in any project, it is necessary that there is a discussion, that there is communication.”

For his part, the minister of Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, said his government has no influence in this matter, but he could be tempted to participate in the adventure, if it looks profitable.

“All of the interventions made to the ministry of the Economy, […] you look at the return on investment, but it also looks at the impact on tax revenues and the creation of jobs,” he said in a press conference in Quebec city.

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Valérie Plante interested

For his part, the mayor of Montreal’s Valerie Plante is receptive with respect to the construction of a stadium to the Peel basin.

“They are definitely interested in this rental for the baseball stadium. I think it could be an interesting option. Of course, I need to see a business plan, what I have not seen it yet, she said during a media scrum on Wednesday. But I’ll always be interested in working in partnership with the sponsors and organizers to look at this location or at any other place.”